Natural  Eyelash Extensions
Deal Price $239. includes 2 Fills. Save $40.
Reg. Price $199. Full Set Only.  
Fills $40.

Feathered  Eyelash Extensions
Deal Price $269. includes 2 Fills. Save $45.
Reg. price $224. Full Set Only.  
Fills $45.

Glamour  Eyelash Extensions
Deal Price $299. includes 2 Fills. Save $50.
Reg. price $249. Full Set Only.  
Fills $50.

Diva Eyelash Extensions (Free Aftercare Take Home Kit).
Deal Price $359. includes 2 Fills. Save $60.
Reg. price $299. Full Set Only.  
Fills $60.

Maintenance Series:
Buy 5 fills and get the 6 fill for free! A savings of up to $60.

*Pricing is within .20 for easy math.
*Must have at least 50 % of lashes remaining for a regular fill charge.
*Please contact us immediately if you are not comfortable with your new lashes.
Some clients may be too sensitive to wear lashes, please consult with your eyelash expert.
Eyelash Extensions
“They made me feel beautiful,
Who knew nice lashes would
make such a difference.
The best part about it is that
they don’t look fake.
It was just a sexier version
of my own!

“I had my lashes done at
another salon prior to getting
them done at Salon Destino
and I was not impressed so
I thought I should try another
salon. I  could not believe how
natural the girl made them look
and how light they feel.
My lashes look so great that
I don’t know what I would do
without them!”

“I’ve never really been the
person to a lot of wear make-
up, I also have two kids and
it’s sometimes hard to find
me time to get all dolled up
so I thought that maybe
getting lashes would save me
the time of putting mascara
on. After my relaxing hour of
getting the eyelashes put on I
got much more than I had
expected, not only were my
lashes longer but fuller as
well! Now I can do all of my
running around and always
look great"

“ My lashes have always been
very poker straight, brittle and
just stubby, I saw Salon
Destino’s website and every-
thing looked very nice. I had
an overall great experience,
not only was the staff friendly
but the girl who did my lashes
was a miracle worker! I ha
ve never accomplished this look,
not even with strip lashes. I will
definitely becoming back for a
fill soon!”

Eyelash Extension After Care


To get the most out of your lashes, you need to follow some
simple instructions. The first 24-48 hours are crucial to the
bonding procedure, so:

DO NOT get lashes wet in order to allow glue to dry thoroughly.

AVOID hot steam from the shower and sauna within the first 24 hours.

LEAVE THEM ALONE... be gentle with your new lashes.
Do not rub your eyes excessively.
Do not wash them.
Sanitize your hands.


These products will dissolve the eyelash bonding agent.
Instead, use plain water or oil free cleansers.
You may wish to use a Q-tip to gently remove
eye makeup around the lash line.

DO NOT USE MASCARA. The ingredients in mascara will
dissolve the bonding agent and your lashes will fall off.


"Touch-ups" or "fills" are highly recommended in order
to maintain a full, lush lash line.

Q: How long does it take to apply Destino Lashes?
A: The service takes about 1.5 hours while
we apply a single strand individual lash to your own.

Q: Will the extensions rip out my natural lashes?
A: No, our medical grade adhesive will not damage or
rip out your natural lashes, however if you do tug
or pick at them this will cause damage.

Q: How long do Destino Lashes last?
A: Destino Lashes can last anywhere
from 2-3 months if correctly taken care of,
we recommend getting them filled
every 2-3 weeks to maintain a lush lash line.

Q: Can I get different colors?
A: Yes, we offer a variety of different colors,
adding lighter extensions with the dark adds
dimension and volume to your lashes.

Q: Can I go tanning with my lashes?
A: Yes, but not within the first 48 hours,
after that try to avoid using goggles.

Q: Can I go swimming with Destino Lashes?
A: Yes, but try to avoid getting your lashes
wet within the first 48 hours.

Q: Can I go in a sauna with my lashes?
A: Unfortunately because of the humidity the
adhesive will de-bond from the lashes.

Q: Can I get my lashes tinted?
A: You can prior to getting the extensions,
but by getting the extensions tinting your
lashes will be unnecessary.

Q: If I have sensitive eyes can I get Destino Lashes?
A: Yes, we have different types of adhesive
based on your level of sensitivity.

Q: Is it painful to get eyelash extensions?
A: Not at all, the process is
completely painless and relaxing.

Q: Can I go blind if the glue gets in my eyes?
A: No, our technicians are trained to properly
apply the adhesive. We also use collagen pads
to separate the bottom lashes from the top,
creating a seal between the crease of your eyelids.

Book Your Appointment Today For An Eye Opening Experience!

All of our Eyelash Experts are Licensed Estheticians and
Cosmetologists trained in Destino Mink Lashes exclusively.
Destino Lash©
*Just $199.
*Just $199.
Eyelash Extensions
All sales are final, no exceptions. Not valid with any other special or promotion.

Destino Lashes are one of the quickest ways to enhance your individual look.

Destino  Lashes are longer, stronger and more full and defined with a sparkle
all your own! Add personality and flirt to your eyelashes and be envied by all!

Make an appointment today for your full set of eyelashes with our
Destino Eyelash Experts
and finally get the lush, long and full eyelashes you have always dreamed of!
Destino Lash©
Your Eyelash Extension Experts!
Additional Facial services that complement and show off your
new lashes. You can get even more striking results with our Pre-tint
service. Ask your Eyelash Expert what is best for you!

Brow Tinting $25.
Brow Shaping $16.
Brow Design $22.
Brow Shaping and Tint $34.
Brow Design and Tint $44.

Lash Tinting w/ no lashes. $29.
Pre-lash tint $20.
Removal of lashes $49.
Removal of lashes with Eye Treatment $64. SAVE $15.
Natural Lash Grow services and products.
Side Orders
Your Eyelash Extension Experts!
Reg. Price $239.
Destino Lash©
Your Eyelash Extension Experts!
Reg. Price $239.
Feathered lashes by Destino Lash Expert and Licensed Esthetician, Sarah.
Destino Lash© Eyelash Extension Take Home Kit.

On sale now $44.95 reg. $50.00.
Get this kit FREE with a full set of Diva Lashes.
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