Shellac Pricing.

Shellac manicure…..$35    45 min.

Trim and file natural nails along with nipping of
the cuticles, message and application of Shellac.

Shellac removal.....$3       5 min
Soak off removal of Shellac polish as an add-on service to new manicure.

*French Polish…..$5     
Add on french polish on your manicure or pedicure

Shellac removal…..$10    10 min.
Soak off removal of Shellac polish without additional manicure services.

Quick Mani.....$15       20 min.
No Time Not to Worry - Quick Shaping and Polish

Spa Manicure.....$22      30 mins.
Make your hands pretty with clipping, filing, cuticule remove, message, followed by

Paraffin Treatment....$12   

Polish Change.....$8
Shellac - A “hybrid” nail color which is half nail polish and half gel, it combines
the ease of polish with the permanence of gels.

Why should I wear Shellac instead of regular nail polish?

Shellac is a 14 day wear gel polish.  Your regular nail polish will last a few days
then start to chip and lose it’s shine.  Shellac will look the same on the 14th day
as it did on the first day you had it done.  There will be no chipping and it will
still have an amazing shine, almost like your nails always look wet or have a
mirror finish.  To keep a nice manicure with regular polish you should be getting
your nails done at least once a week.  Shellac manicures should be done about
every 2 weeks for best results but some people can go even longer in between
their Shellac manicures.  Also, with Shellac you don’t have to worry about
smudges or ruining your polish.  Shellac dries instantly after it is cured under a
UV light where as polish takes up to 2 hours to fully dry.

What about artificial nails, what is the difference?

Artificial nails can be very damaging to your natural nails, they require filing
down the surface of the nail which makes the natural nail very weak.  And you
never want a drill to be used on your nails.  Shellac requires no filing of the
surface of the nail, so your nails are just as strong as they were before you put
Shellac on.  Also, the removal of artificial nails can take up to 30 minutes.  
Shellac takes no more than 10 minutes to remove.

Is Shellac for me?

Shellac is best for those who want to maintain natural nails.  It does NOT
damage the natural nail.  Shellac is not for those who want to lengthen their nails
instantly.  It is impossible to use Shellac to create instant long nails such as an
acrylic.  However, Shellac can help you grow out your natural nails.  While having
Shellac on your nails it acts as a nail strengthener, they do not break or crack as
easy as your natural nails would with just polish on.   It is thin enough so if feels
exactly the same as natural nails but gives it that little extra something.   Shellac
should also NEVER be used on those who have nail fungus.  

Benefits of Shellac over all.

Shellac is guaranteed to last at least 14 days, it is a 14 day wear nail color.  It will
always be shiny similar to your nails looking wet all the time or having a mirror
finish.  Also, there is no way you can nick or smudge your polish because there is
ZERO dry time.   Your nails simply cure under a UV light and are instantly dry.  
No damage is done to your nails from having Shellac on and no drills are ever
used.  This product is removed in 10 minutes or less so no waiting for hours just
to get your Shellac off.

How is Shellac applied?

Shellac is applied very similar to your regular nail polish.  It requires a special
Shellac base coat, 2 coats of Shellac color and the special Shellac base coat.  The
only difference is that Shellac is cured under a UV light in between each of the
steps which makes your nails dry instantly!

Am I going to be waiting hours for my polish to fully dry?

One of the best features Shellac has is how incredibly fast it dries.  Your normal
nail polish can take up to 2  hours to fully dry.  With that being said it can be
difficult for you to go about your daily routine because you are so worried about
smudging or nicking your polish.  Once Shellac has been cured under the proper
UV light for no more than 3 minutes it is instantly dry.  As soon as your service is
over your nails are dry!

How does Shellac come off?

Because Shellac is a 14 day wear nail color it doesn’t quite come off the same
way regular nail polish comes off.  Shellac’s removal process is very easy and can
be removed in 10 minutes or less by your nail technician.

Can I do Shellac at home?

Shellac is NOT for at home use and is only guaranteed when done by a
licensed professional.                                   CND SHELLAC COLOR COAT
For Your Safety And Health.
Salon Destino Spa prides itself on very strict rules of hygiene by
meeting and exceeding all of the Ohio State Board Sanitary Standards.  

All materials are disposed of after every use.
Nothing is ever reused or recycled.
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